Listed Buildings

If you wish to alter, extend or demolish a listed building in a way that affects its character as a building of special interest, you must first obtain Listed Building Consent from your local planning authority. Grants may be available for repairs to highly listed buildings and alterations to some can also qualify for reduced VAT.

Each listed building is different, so there are no sweeping rules for what you can or can’t do without consent. ‘Listed’ status covers a whole building, inside and out. It is therefore always advisable to take the advice of the conservation officer at your local authority to get a better idea about what it means for you.

Common works requiring consent might include the replacement of windows or doors, knocking down internal walls, painting over brickwork or altering fireplaces.

At we have both our own custom joinery workshop and a team of experienced site restoration joiners meaning we are perfectly placed to work on Listed Buildings. As a general rule, quality restoration of existing windows, doors and joinery will always be preferable to a Conservation Officer. Where that is not possible then bespoke replica joinery is usually required. However, we have worked on several listed buildings where it has been possible to upgrade some existing windows to double glazing. Every listed property is different and not every conservation officer is aware of all the possibilities available.

By involving right at the start of your project, we can assist you with conservation officer liaison as required. Indeed, we’ve often worked with them before.